Welcome to the new LipaLater

Our team has been working on our website to make it more user friendly and update a few things that is new. The new website is set to ease your shopping experience with us, we hope you find it as helpful as can be

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We have put time and effort on improving and planning a better website for you and we are finally delighted to announce the launch of our new website. We wanted to make shopping for you as a customer smooth and more enjoyable and make Lipa Later easily accessible to retailers who want to partner with us.  

The additions and improvements on the website will ensure that you have faster and better access to your accounts for you to manage your Lipa Later facility and make payments and for partners, an easier way to navigate and see the sales you have done with Lipa Later.

What’s new?

  • Where to shop – We show you where you can shop, our partners and where they are located. You will be able to keep tabs on the promotions and giveaways we will be having and also stay informed on the new retail partners we have coming your way. 
  • Our Products – We’d like to walk with you through your important milestones in life, from upgrading your phone, moving out or getting your first car. We continue to innovate products for you, with you.
  • How it Works – We have simplified our sign up process. This allows you to get your credit limit within minutes and shop. 
  • Partners – We have made it easier for you to boost your sales by increasing your customer’s purchasing power. Sign up within minutes and we’ll have your merchant account ready to sell through Lipa Later.
  • FAQs – We get several questions from most of you and the new website has the FAQs section where your queries have been answered. Feel free to ask more questions if you are not satisfied with the provided answers.
  • Your Account – It is your online app that will ensure we have easier and safer access to you and the information we need from you. You will also be able to share your documents with us, get a credit limit instantly,  track your orders faster and make payments swiftly. 

We believe that shopping should be fun and improving your lifestyle should be an enjoyable activity and that is what LipaLater aims to do with our new website. We make living affordable as you pay overtime.

Welcome to the new LipaLater. Click and have a look  

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