Lipa Later – Maureen Waititu Mini House Makeover- 2020

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At Lipa Later, we value comfort, stability, and living a stress-free life without financial worries. In the last quarter of 2020, we partnered with Maureen Waititu to gift a lucky mum a mini house makeover. As part of the requirements for the giveaway, we needed the mum to tell us her story about why she deserves the giveaway, and for her family and friends to vouch for her.

Watch full video below.

Full reveal video of Daphne’s Mini House Makeover

Our aim here was to give back to someone in need so that their 2020 can end on a high note. Not only that but also educate our audience that they can do more with less when it comes to revamping their house and still have a beautiful end result. Our lucky winner was Miss. Daphne, a mother of one beautiful baby girl. Her story is that of a mom who has given up everything to take care of her baby.

She gave birth unexpectedly at only 26 weeks-that is, only 6 months into her pregnancy! Her entire world changed completely when her baby had to be transferred to Kenyatta hospital in an ambulance and she was put in an incubator for another 2 months until she gained enough weight to go home. She couldn’t stay at the hospital with the baby to avoid the accumulation of the hospital bill and so for more than two months, she would go to the hospital early in the morning, back home in the evening every single day.

Finally, her little one came home and she’s still going for her weekly post-birth appointments with an opthalmologist and pediatrician.

Being a part of this project has definitely opened us up to being more thankful for life, for those around us, and for the little bits of happiness that come our way. 

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