Is Customer harassment a means of debt collections? My two cents…

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Whether caused by unprecedented or unclear financial choices, a large percentage of Kenyans have had to struggle with debt. At Lipa Later, our primary objective has been to provide our clients with a way to manage their cash flow by offering them a flexible, easy and affordable payment plan on their item purchases.

With the onset of Covid 19, a large percentage of Kenyans faced salary cuts with others forced to close their businesses due to the harsh economic realities of the pandemic. With these realities, many customers reached out to us for facility restructuring. With our deliberate objective of enhancing the customer experience in ways that are tailor made to meet each customer’s needs, we had to draw a line between Customer Experience and the Customer’s Obligations.

Is Customer harassment a means of debt collections? Should we ignore the vitality of efficient and positive collection experience from a customer’s point of view? Not at all! Our main focus has been and will always be to build relationships based on trust.

I have always related to what Sam Walton said, “There is only one boss… the customer. He can fire everybody in the company” This begs the question who is the boss in Lipa Later? Our Customers!!! Understanding this sweet truth has played and continues to play a key role in shaping our thought process in all our customer interactions. 

As we continue to re-evaluate our approach to collections, one key factor has been to humanise our customer interactions, and their financial well-being, being a paramount consideration. While recovery remains a vital aspect in collection, giving the best possible customer experience takes steadfast commitment and we can only commit further that we will keep walking with you-our esteemed customers.

Harryson Zare, HOD, Customer Service

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